Sunday, February 24, 2013

Do-Over x "Cross-Over" All-Star Weekend 2013

Houston, Texas: Last Concert Cafe w/ The Do-Over

Sounds by: Neil Armstrong, Clark Kent, Mick Boogie, Waldorules, dj Mel, Gracie Chavez, and OGT. MC Aloe Blacc.

Photo Cred: [top 3] @MarcofromHouston [rest] Me

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New ALH SuperBowl XLVII Post!

As football season commenced after the Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers at SuperBowl XLVII this past Sunday, I leave you with my ALH post.

This was a special story for me because even though I never met Ray Rice, I instantly enjoyed his story  because of his personality.Football fans know of Rice's beastly skills, but it was more so what he shows away from the line of scrimmage that stood out to me.

If I'd ever meet the guy, I'd give him a high-five and tell him to continue inspiring those around him, especially the youth. I could share some pointers :)