Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Meet and Greet: DJ Zeke of Oluwaseyi

On this edition of The M Report’s digital podcast, Missy interviews international Dj/Entrepreneur Dj Zeke as he shares all the tea on the creative industry, his new menswear line Oluwaseyi and mastering the hustle. You don’t want to miss the encouraging words he shares for other fellow artists! Subscribe and be inspired.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

VIDEO: Rebuilding Puerto Rico

Young Catholic leaders from the Vicariate of Black Catholic Concerns' Youth Ambassadors program are back in New York after spending the first week of July volunteering in Aibonito, Puerto Rico - an area that was struck by Hurricane Maria nearly two years ago. Tablet reporter Melissa Enaje reports on the relief efforts completed by the diocesan youth and reactions from the Puerto Ricans from the Diocese of Caguas.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday Soul Session: When Good Meets Brokenness

Reflecting on a mission trip to central Puerto Rico,
I couldn’t help but wonder, what is the source
for good to meet the needs of others? 
By Missy E.

Greetings from sunny central Puerto Rico! I covered a week-long mission trip to Aibonito with a large group of young adults and youth from the Vicariate of Black Catholic Concerns’ Youth Ambassador Program.
On the fifth day of the trip, we made way to San Juan’s Escambron Beach from central Aibonito’s winding roads in the mountains more than an hour away.
At the culmination of observing others for a couple days – from locals who were affected by the hurricane to New York visitors – I thought, ‘what is the source for good to meet the needs of others?’

Sunday, June 23, 2019

The 2019 Summer Solstice x NUEST Cosmetics

Shine this summer! (Photo by my big sis!)
On the day Mother Earth dipped in its orbit with the North Pole at its maximum tilt, the longest period of sunlight occurred June 21, marking the official beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

With bright days ahead figuratively, we hope literally that your calendar will include brighter days. Because the fact of the matter is that as we reached this point - more than halfway through the year - it also marked the countdown until the winter solstice in December. 

So be present. Be thankful. While it’s easier said than done, it’s definitely an ongoing process. Do something that makes you happy. Embrace the light within you. 

That being said, I celebrated the start of summer with my sister in Miami 🌴☀️. We had our crazy moments, per usual, but I was so glad to spend time with her as our busy schedules allowed. My big sister is the best and I’m thankful for her crazy behind! 

Throughout the trip, I made sure to shine on the outside with the goodies from NUEST Cosmetics! NUEST has been committed to developing high quality, innovative beauty products made with integrity. Their cruelty-free formulas feel light and super silky.

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sunday Soul Session: "They Made Her Stand In The Middle"

By Father Bryan Massingale, Professor of Theological and Social Ethics at Fordham University in the Bronx

(Editor's Note: I was so moved by the words of this priest, in particularly the last two paragraphs. Excellent writing to keep the most poignant and powerful point at the end. The author cites a woman theologian whom I actually had the privilege to hear speak at a panel as part of Religious Sisters Week. It was SO refreshing to hear woman leaders in the Church who are incredibly intelligent and challenge the status quo, especially when 10 out of 10 times they're challenging their superiors [men].

Nonetheless, this reflection challenges toxic masculinity in the most honest and humble way - by fixing the comparison on Jesus. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.)

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Meet and Greet: Jamie B. of Viva Bandida

Jamie B.
Spend an afternoon with two Latina trailblazers at the Brooklyn Museum - Jamie B. of Viva Bandida and Frida Kahlo - and one cannot but help but be inspired. 

The new Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Prospect Heights museum opened to the public and Jamie invited The M Report along for the ride. 

Balancing her role as an artist and the creative director behind the brand Viva Bandida, Jamie B. shared her insight as to what she brings to the table. 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Meet and Greet: Designer Penny Wang of PYW Goods

For Women's History Month, we're highlighting visionaries who aren't afraid to step out of the box and pave a way for their passions to come to life. 

First up is Penny Wang of the Bangkok based brand, PYW Goods. 

Penny Wang 
M:  Tell us about your products and the vision behind them.

PW: Designing bags is a hobby I picked up not too long after I started working here in Bangkok, Thailand. I appreciate fashion and I want to create something special - simple, stylish, unique handbags that are not overpriced - bags deisgned by a woman for women. Each piece is unique. The material, texture and hardwares are all carefully chosen and put together. I hope my future customers can see my designs as statements, ways of expressing themselves. 

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