Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Soul Session: Faith Grows in Quarantine

By Allyson Escobar

In mid-March, I slipped into my local church for daily Mass on a rainy Friday morning, taking a back seat. The church wasn't filled, but Mass-goers were sprinkled throughout the pews; everyone sitting a few feet apart. We received the Holy Eucharist, celebrated the sacament, together in unison. 

A week later, all Masses in every diocese nationwide were cancelled. Daily and Sunday Masses quickly shifted to digital, Facebook and Instagram Live format. Parish events, weddings, Lenten fish-frys; everything was being rescheduled or altogether cancelled left and right. 

I had no idea that Friday Mass would be the last one I’d attend. The last time I’d get to consume the Holy Eucharist, at least for a little while. 
As a Catholic young adult living in the U.S., watching all of this happen slowly, then all at once, feels surreal. 

At first, the novel coronavius seemed distant, far away — something terrible happening somewhere else. Now the pandemic is not only local, but is spreading at a rapid, terrifying pace. As the world’s health heroes and researchers continue their selfless service day after day, those of us in self-quarantine, privileged to be at home, have been doing our small but mighty part. (And yes, it makes a difference.)

But in all the chaos, there has been connection. There are always reasons to smile, laugh, find hope and inspiration in this world. 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sunday Soul Session: Paving Forward Properly

(Photo: Missy Enaje)
There seems to be this huge disconnect as we rush forward with individualism and personal achievements. Like the awards, diplomas and certificates on the wall are what we've been missing this whole time. That's not to say personal achievements shouldn't be celebrated, in which case, they absolutely should because symbolic to that paper are hours of blood sweat and tears drenched in determination. 
But what about character? No longer as adults do we come home with 'kindness, gentleness and humility' awards - and neither should we (mothers are exemptions, they're superhuman). Because a means to an end signifies duty instead of free-will. If I do something nice, in return, I'll get something back. Instead, if I freely choose to love, it signifies something deeper.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sunday Soul Session: Desires

I have been hearing and reading the words that follow along the lines of  “God honors our desires.”  Divine intervention would have it, but even my mom has been recycling that phrase recently. Yet one thing that keeps popping up in my heart the more I read it or contemplate those words - is that goodness, gracious it’s true.

When we think about those words “God honors our desires” - it sounds so lofty, doesn’t it? It sounds like there’s this high and mighty person in a cloud just zapping desires into fruition like a genie in the sky. But goodness gracious, is that anywhere further from the truth.

My experience with those words is quiet and humbling. That’s because, just like the Scripture that talks about how God speaks not through some tumultuous roar or some flashy headline, it’s that, in my experience, God speaks through the quiet of our heart.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A New Vision For Teens' Futures in Ferguson

St. Louis, Mo. - The Oct. 3 ribbon cutting and grand opening of the new Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis (BGCSTL) Teen Center of Excellence in Ferguson, Missouri symbolized more than just the completion of a building, it celebrated the healing of a community and a brighter future for its teens.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

VIDEO: Discussing Self-Care Catholicism

Does self-care just mean yoga mats and bubble baths? Find out how taking care of yourself involves you mentally, physically and spiritually.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Meet and Greet: DJ Zeke of Oluwaseyi

On this edition of The M Report’s digital podcast, Missy interviews international Dj/Entrepreneur Dj Zeke as he shares all the tea on the creative industry, his new menswear line Oluwaseyi and mastering the hustle. You don’t want to miss the encouraging words he shares for other fellow artists! Subscribe and be inspired.