Sunday, November 18, 2018

Soul Session Sundays: There’s No Place Like Home

By Missy E.

Like Dorothy’s infamous phrase she coined when she clicked her red, sparkly heels three times and repeated “there’s no place like home” on The Wizard of Oz, for the sake of the gist of this blog post, Dorothy got it right.

Except I’m here to tell you that we have got to dig a little bit deeper than that.

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

For your viewing pleasure: Back When I Hosted a Pilot TV Show

Recording this TV segment a couple years back was way too much fun! Some of the culture's movers and shakers were interviewed as part of the show's dynamic and unique themes that covered the grounds of hip-hop, lifestyles, music and entrepreneurship. Would love to do something like this again in the future. Keep pushing!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Soul Session Sundays: “Grief: The Human Experience”

Like you, I Get Caught Up In The Waves of Grief
Like my editor always says, when it comes to the news cycle, certain events don’t change. Thanksgiving will come in November and Christmas will follow in December. 
We cannot escape these holidays from occurring just as much as we cannot escape the reality of life and death - some things are inevitable. 

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Monday, October 15, 2018

In Retrospect: A Soul Session Sunday Post on a Monday Just Because

As an avid sports fan, I apologize for the lack of quality that my Soul Session Sunday post should have contained. Nonetheless, if you're the type to say that I was distracted, well - you're right and I apologize.

If you're the type to say, yep, well her hometown team (Houston Astros) was in the playoffs and her mind was in the right place, but her heart was in another, well - then you're right as well, and I appreciate your understanding.

 That being said, I think that puts to mind the idea of truth and two sides to a story.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

"Don't You Want to Be on the Other Side of Things?"

By chubbynavyblue
Guest Blogger

I'm in the car on the way to New Orleans with Reno. We’re drinking and listening to a podcast (you can do that in Louisiana ayee) when he asks me to pause it then proceeds with asking me, "Where have you most experienced white privilege?" 

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Soul Session Sundays: The Wisdom Behind “Keepin’ it Simple”

“I think the most sophisticated things sometimes can be going back to the simple things. And that’s not always easy.” - Alain Coumont
By Missy E. 

Clutter - yuck. I have never been one who can adjust to messiness and clutter, specifically when it comes to personal space. Blame it on the childhood formation years of growing up in a strict and straightforward Filipino household. Day in and day out, clutter was not a possibility or a reality. Back then, it was a trait that I wouldn’t nor couldn’t adjust to, but out of pure duty and obedience, it was done.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

New Music Friyay: "Love to the Moon" by Leah LaBelle

NEW MUSIC FRIYAY: “Love to the Moon”, an EP in Leah’s honor released on all music platforms (spotify, applemusic, tidal) Sept. 7,  a day before her b-day 🎈

All proceeds from this project will be allocated to the “Leah LaBelle Music Scholarship” in her honor. 

The late artist, who passed last year in a tragic car accident, is still changing lives in heaven!

So cop, stream, share, and listen. Most of all, enjoy!

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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Visual Artist Sue Tsai and the Importance of Representation

Sue Tsai, right, with her latest piece "Metamorphosis"
Photos: @melissamissye
By Missy E. 

Throughout the month of August, New York-based visual artist Sue Tsai once again took center stage during her pop-up exhibit this year entitled "You Deserve a Beautiful Life". 

Her bold and edgy pieces drew admirers from around the city who didn't waste any time doing photo-ops with her larger-than-life pieces. The namesake piece "You Deserve a Beautiful Life" depicted a young city boy (with the cleanest pair of purple kicks) reaching out to a young girl wearing a beautiful hijab amidst the backdrop of night clouds painted in deep blue hues. The words that come to mind are peace and small acts of kindness. 

Whether it was the namesake piece or the "Fears of an Artist" piece - the painting with the young asian girl in her slick-back ponytail, chanclas and colorful dress - representation was key and the art spoke to that powerful element in true form.
"You Deserve A Beautiful Life"

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Friday, August 24, 2018

New Music Friyay: Jessie Reyez "Apple Juice" + "Body Count" Are Weekend Vibes

If Selena had a remixed, eclectic protege for this new decade, it would be Jessie Reyez with her sultry vocals and sass for days.
Click the image to watch the video for "Body Count" 
Click the image to watch the video for "Apple Juice"

Jessie Reyez earned yet another career milestone moment this week with her debut performance at the 2018 MTV VMA's, performing new single "Apple Juice", and today celebrates that achievement with the release of a new remix version of her wildly popular single "Body Count", featuring two other current female pop / R&B icons, Kehlani and Normani. Much like her win at the 2018 JUNO Awards, where she performed "Figures; A Reprise" featuring fellow Torontonian Daniel Caesar, and took home the award for Breakthrough Artist, Reyez crowned the moment with the release of the remix that gives a whole new life to the song.

All three women found a connection through "Body Count", a self-love anthem penned by Reyez and released earlier this year with an official video that had press such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Pigeons & Planes, Noisey, HypeBeast, Hot New Hip Hop, VIBE, OkayPlayer and more championing the song and video. The official video found Reyez at the center of a "witch trial" scene, where she was taken to the stake for her supposed crimes committed. Both the song and the video are an homage to Reyez's outspoken stance that we should all get to "love who we wanna love" and feel empowered by that.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Taking A Look Back at the 2018 Award-Winning Articles

By Missy E.

Your girl is a bilingual award-winning journalist!
A blessing, indeed, that in my first year as a reporter with The Tablet newspaper, our staff was bestowed the "Newspaper of the Year" award by members of the Catholic Press Association.

It's a testimony to the hard work that our small, yet big-hearted staff churns out every week for the Diocese of Brooklyn. My first year going into the streets of Brooklyn and Queens for these stories was eye-opening. Even though I lived in Queens when I studied at St. John's University many years ago, I was able to witness a different sort of beauty within these two boroughs: the beauty of the Catholic faith lived out loud through the people who make up the diocese of immigrants - as Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio always says.

That's because, unlike whatever perceptions arise when one thinks of the word Catholic or Católico, most of the best stories I've come across weren't in churches. The best stories were when I was able to become a part of the faith-in-action, when people acted towards not only what they believed in, but towards what was morally right and true. Don't get me wrong, what was published on those pages weren't stories about perfect people - just imperfect people doing small acts with great love.

Reflecting on this moment, I would like to personally share my thanks to my editors for their guidance and fearless leadership. Most especially to my colleagues at The Tablet who helped me cast my "newbie" net into the shaky waters and guided me to stay afloat. This award also goes out to my mentors - the professors and educators who shared their knowledge, wisdom and yes, Media Handbooks, throughout this journalism journey. I also consider my time spent at Medill very much the cherry on top - so much wisdom and humility gained throughout that time.

Of course, this wouldn't be possible without the dear family and friends. You know who you are. I dedicate this to my Lola (grandmother) Felicidad. She was such an advocate for furthering my education and my faith. It brought me much joy to know that she always knew what I was trying to do with my life. My parents and grandmother were immigrants from the Philippines and as much as I'm proud to be a Filipino-American, they showed me by example what hard work and dedication can accomplish with the faith that can move mountains! 
Ad majorem Dei gloriam!

Without further ado, here are the 2018 awards and the stories to accompany them!

Friday, June 8, 2018

New Music Friyay: Jorja Smith's "Lost & Found"

Jorja Smith (Photo: Rashid Babiker)
Further to her stand out performance on BBC Radio 1's live lounge, Jorja Smith released her hugely anticipated debut album Lost & Found. Previous singles "Blue Lights""Teenage Fantasy" and "Where Did I Go?" are included on the project, as well as 7 previously unheard tracks. 

Lost & Found - TRACKLIST
1. Lost & Found
2. Teenage Fantasy
3. Where Did I Go?
4. February 3rd
5. On Your Own
6. The One
7. Wandering Romance
8. Blue Lights
9. Lifeboats (Freestyle)
10. Goodbyes
11. Tomorrow
12. Don't Watch Me Cry

For a full listen, you can find her music here: Jorja! Jorja! Jorja!

Be sure to check out her cover mashup of Rihanna's "Man Down" and Cardi B's "Be Careful" after the jump!

Dear Class of 2018: Remember Who You Are!

By Missy E.

My how time flies. One moment I’m moving back to New York and the next I’m giving high school commencement speeches. It was truly an honor to be invited to speak on behalf of these young women whom I’ve met over the past year and a half. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the faculty, administration and staff at St. Joseph H.S. for the opportunity to share my words with you all.

How The Speech Came Alive

The planning and brainstorming portion of the speech was the first step in the process. I wrote down the key points that I wanted to mention.  What was so fascinating was that it seemed like the universe kept sending me inspirational quotes and speeches as the days passed leading to the ceremony. It was fantastic.

The more I prayed about it, the more the Holy Spirit inspired me.

P.S. My mom came from Texas to attend the ceremony! She was able to document about two minutes of the total 10 minute speech. Thank you mom!

I would also like to send my deepest gratitude to Anchor Liz Faublas at Currents News for her advice. She is a wonderful public speaker. Her advice helped me with the finishing touches of my commencement speech. Fun fact: Liz Faublas was actually the 2017 commencement speaker at the same school, so talk about ladies who lead with a purpose!

Here's a snippet of my speech:

Also - to read the speech in its entirety, be sure to click “Read More” after the jump! Feel free to pass on these words for those special graduates in your life. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

An Ode to Self-Love: Four Key Takeaways on Maintaining Your Awesomeness

By Christina Torres
Guest Blogger

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks out so I thought what better way than to kick off the spring, or the anticipation of actual spring weather, than with an ode and self-love guide to all the moms and women out there. 

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Thinking About Romance: Featured YouTube Podcast

Check out our founder Missy being featured on episode seven! 

Fellow creative Bryan has a new YouTube channel that shares insight, wisdom and other life gems.

On this episode, they talk about the significance of valentines, the value of gifts, perceptions of romance, love and tradition.

You can find his creative content on chubbynavyblue

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Slim Cinema Film Festival: Changing Creative Boundaries One Film At A Time

Brooklyn -  Art and film collide, vertically speaking, during Slim Cinema's 3rd annual Vertical Film Festival.

Slim Cinema's mission is to challenge creators, filmmakers and brands to explore this vertical composition in order to tell stories in a mobile world, which gives the power of stories the capacity to fit in your pocket.

Founder Michael Liu had the vision for creating a platform that would allow film to be explored vertically (think Snapchat, Facebook Live). Liu put his faith, passion and confidence into action, partnered with those willing to stand behind his idea and the rest was history.

This year's event included nearly a dozen films and the audience got to vote for the top film.

Check out more photos + videos after the jump below!