Sunday, September 30, 2018

Soul Session Sundays: The Wisdom Behind “Keepin’ it Simple”

“I think the most sophisticated things sometimes can be going back to the simple things. And that’s not always easy.” - Alain Coumont
By Missy E. 

Clutter - yuck. I have never been one who can adjust to messiness and clutter, specifically when it comes to personal space. Blame it on the childhood formation years of growing up in a strict and straightforward Filipino household. Day in and day out, clutter was not a possibility or a reality. Back then, it was a trait that I wouldn’t nor couldn’t adjust to, but out of pure duty and obedience, it was done.

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“Put your stuff away” or “Fix your stuff” or “Clean your room” were the cue words that replayed on the regular. As an adult, I fully appreciate this homegrown OCD cleanliness. Something about everything being in its place gives me a peace of mind. Crazy for some, I know.

My point when it comes to mentioning the childhood example about clutter and cleanliness is - figuratively speaking - what clutter in your life could use some simplicity? Are there attachments you hold onto that just weighs on you beyond what you want? While I’m not a seasoned professional in the psychology department, there is something to say about simplicity and decluttering ones personal space - whether mentally or physically.

But in this day and age, opting for simple matters can be difficult - whether in our thoughts or in things, whether it attracts or distracts us. Why enjoy less when we can live abundantly? So when we opt for the latter, upholding or mainting that image can be draining. Now that’s not to say there isn’t good when we enjoy simple life pleasures like the perfect coffee blend, or new shoes or clothes. The more I think about it - the more the merrier - is such a a catch 22. At one point of view, the more we have, the more well-off we should be. Yet, unless we experience the perfect balance in simplicity - it will be hard to see its value and worth.

So here’s the challenge: Jot down “what” in your life what gives you life, so to speak, what sparks your everyday?

If you wrote down material things: take the time to evaluate why.

If you wrote down experiences: take the time to evaluate why.

If you wrote down people: take the time to evaluate why.

There’s wisdom in taking inventory in our life, if even just to accept our realities a bit more and to push forward for what lies ahead.

Here’s to appreciating the wisdom behind simplicity!

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