Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Taking A Look Back at the 2018 Award-Winning Articles

By Missy E.

Your girl is a bilingual award-winning journalist!
A blessing, indeed, that in my first year as a reporter with The Tablet newspaper, our staff was bestowed the "Newspaper of the Year" award by members of the Catholic Press Association.

It's a testimony to the hard work that our small, yet big-hearted staff churns out every week for the Diocese of Brooklyn. My first year going into the streets of Brooklyn and Queens for these stories was eye-opening. Even though I lived in Queens when I studied at St. John's University many years ago, I was able to witness a different sort of beauty within these two boroughs: the beauty of the Catholic faith lived out loud through the people who make up the diocese of immigrants - as Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio always says.

That's because, unlike whatever perceptions arise when one thinks of the word Catholic or Católico, most of the best stories I've come across weren't in churches. The best stories were when I was able to become a part of the faith-in-action, when people acted towards not only what they believed in, but towards what was morally right and true. Don't get me wrong, what was published on those pages weren't stories about perfect people - just imperfect people doing small acts with great love.

Reflecting on this moment, I would like to personally share my thanks to my editors for their guidance and fearless leadership. Most especially to my colleagues at The Tablet who helped me cast my "newbie" net into the shaky waters and guided me to stay afloat. This award also goes out to my mentors - the professors and educators who shared their knowledge, wisdom and yes, Media Handbooks, throughout this journalism journey. I also consider my time spent at Medill very much the cherry on top - so much wisdom and humility gained throughout that time.

Of course, this wouldn't be possible without the dear family and friends. You know who you are. I dedicate this to my Lola (grandmother) Felicidad. She was such an advocate for furthering my education and my faith. It brought me much joy to know that she always knew what I was trying to do with my life. My parents and grandmother were immigrants from the Philippines and as much as I'm proud to be a Filipino-American, they showed me by example what hard work and dedication can accomplish with the faith that can move mountains! 
Ad majorem Dei gloriam!

Without further ado, here are the 2018 awards and the stories to accompany them!

Friday, June 8, 2018

New Music Friyay: Jorja Smith's "Lost & Found"

Jorja Smith (Photo: Rashid Babiker)
Further to her stand out performance on BBC Radio 1's live lounge, Jorja Smith released her hugely anticipated debut album Lost & Found. Previous singles "Blue Lights""Teenage Fantasy" and "Where Did I Go?" are included on the project, as well as 7 previously unheard tracks. 

Lost & Found - TRACKLIST
1. Lost & Found
2. Teenage Fantasy
3. Where Did I Go?
4. February 3rd
5. On Your Own
6. The One
7. Wandering Romance
8. Blue Lights
9. Lifeboats (Freestyle)
10. Goodbyes
11. Tomorrow
12. Don't Watch Me Cry

For a full listen, you can find her music here: Jorja! Jorja! Jorja!

Be sure to check out her cover mashup of Rihanna's "Man Down" and Cardi B's "Be Careful" after the jump!

Dear Class of 2018: Remember Who You Are!

By Missy E.

My how time flies. One moment I’m moving back to New York and the next I’m giving high school commencement speeches. It was truly an honor to be invited to speak on behalf of these young women whom I’ve met over the past year and a half. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the faculty, administration and staff at St. Joseph H.S. for the opportunity to share my words with you all.

How The Speech Came Alive

The planning and brainstorming portion of the speech was the first step in the process. I wrote down the key points that I wanted to mention.  What was so fascinating was that it seemed like the universe kept sending me inspirational quotes and speeches as the days passed leading to the ceremony. It was fantastic.

The more I prayed about it, the more the Holy Spirit inspired me.

P.S. My mom came from Texas to attend the ceremony! She was able to document about two minutes of the total 10 minute speech. Thank you mom!

I would also like to send my deepest gratitude to Anchor Liz Faublas at Currents News for her advice. She is a wonderful public speaker. Her advice helped me with the finishing touches of my commencement speech. Fun fact: Liz Faublas was actually the 2017 commencement speaker at the same school, so talk about ladies who lead with a purpose!

Here's a snippet of my speech:

Also - to read the speech in its entirety, be sure to click “Read More” after the jump! Feel free to pass on these words for those special graduates in your life.