Sunday, June 23, 2019

The 2019 Summer Solstice x NUEST Cosmetics

Shine this summer! (Photo by my big sis!)
On the day Mother Earth dipped in its orbit with the North Pole at its maximum tilt, the longest period of sunlight occurred June 21, marking the official beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

With bright days ahead figuratively, we hope literally that your calendar will include brighter days. Because the fact of the matter is that as we reached this point - more than halfway through the year - it also marked the countdown until the winter solstice in December. 

So be present. Be thankful. While it’s easier said than done, it’s definitely an ongoing process. Do something that makes you happy. Embrace the light within you. 

That being said, I celebrated the start of summer with my sister in Miami 🌴☀️. We had our crazy moments, per usual, but I was so glad to spend time with her as our busy schedules allowed. My big sister is the best and I’m thankful for her crazy behind! 

Throughout the trip, I made sure to shine on the outside with the goodies from NUEST Cosmetics! NUEST has been committed to developing high quality, innovative beauty products made with integrity. Their cruelty-free formulas feel light and super silky.

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