Monday, March 29, 2021

Momma Mondays: Maternity Wear Tips

Maternity clothes aren't the cheapest so keep in mind how often you'll be wearing them.

By JoAnne

My current and last pregnancy have given me a run for my money with maternity clothes. Not only do you have to find clothes that fit, you also have to make sure you’re prepared for the weather. Unfortunately, for me, there is no preparing for Texas weather. For those women who are in their last planned pregnancy, the question remains: is it worth buying maternity wear?

What I am thankful for are maternity clothes from family and friends. So for those of you who have maternity clothes you’ll probably never wear again, most pregnant women would be glad to take hand-me-downs! 

Where to get the best deals

However, if you are interested in purchasing your own maternity clothes, Target, Motherhood Maternity, and Amazon were great choices for me. Note: maternity clothes aren’t the cheapest so keep in mind how often you’ll be wearing them, during and after pregnancy. 

Motherhood Maternity has the higher quality apparel and they also provide discounts for educators and military personnel. Amazon was my go-to for formal wear at an affordable price and I purchased maternity wear accessories at Target.

Tricks of the trade

A couple of things I’ve learned from experienced mommas are the "hair tie and button trick" and oversized clothing (before pregnancy). Instead of purchasing maternity pants you may not wear in the future or a belly band you’ll never see again after the baby, you can always use a hair tie (or multiple) to stretch out those jeans. Just keep in mind, you’ll probably need to wear a long or loose-fitting shirt. Clothing that is oversized when you’re not pregnant is ideal so that when the belly pops, your clothes fit just right. I mean who doesn’t want to accentuate their belly during pregnancy? Love your belly!

 "I mean who doesn’t want to accentuate their belly during pregnancy? Love your belly!"

I’ve also found that ribbed clothing is perfect. It doesn’t have the cinch that most maternity clothes have, but they stretch far enough to fit your pregnant belly and also fit perfectly before and after pregnancy. Dresses and slip-on shoes or sandals were also a lifesaver during my pregnancy with Baby BJ especially during the summer. Towards the end, you do not want to bend over tying your shoe – I barely tie my own shoes now!

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