Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The M Report Presents: The Baby Mommas Casita: A new segment where Jo Anne features different moms

Jo Anne, left, and Donna are 
two best friends who get to 
experience motherhood together.

#MommaMondays has a new announcement (it's not a baby, though!) We'll be hosting "The Baby Mommas Casita" where Jo Anne gets to interview different women in different stages of mommy-hood.

First up, we'll be featuring Jo's best friend, Donna, also known as “Beffie.” 

"We have been friends since second grade and we finally got to experience pregnancy together," she said. "We can’t wait to raise our newborns with one another!"


How many children: Twin girls

Due Date: February 4, 2021 – Baby born on 1/28/2021

Gender: Boy!

Favorite craving: Anything salty and sour during my first and second trimester. During my third trimester, it's anything sweet. I also like fries and things that go with gravy lol 🙃

Advice or what I wish I knew: My advice to any future or current preggo is: don’t wait until last minute to start preparing for baby. With this pregnancy, I’m so glad I started preparing for my baby as early as I did. 

With my previous pregnancy, we were not prepared at all! My sister-in-law had to wash all of my babies' clothes and pack my hospital bag and bring them to the hospital. 

The time goes by fast and towards the end, you’re so out of energy (and wobbling around) that you won’t get to the things you had planned.

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