Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Role model. Motivator. Believer. Funny guy. Provider. Hero. Dad.

Numerous words can come to mind when one thinks of their father or the father figure in their life. As I scrolled upon the many posts young women shared about the man they've looked up to, many seemed to share an interesting facet: acceptance. It could have been his quirky way of making them laugh or memories of him never missing a home game. Whatever the case may be, the feeling was mutual. They accepted him and he undoubtedly accepted them. 

Although it may be against a man's genes to really open up about their father in public, I did enjoy the few young men who did share fond memories about their father. 

And then I stumbled upon this video by Esperanza Spalding off her second LP Radio Music Society entitled "Black Gold." They say it takes a boy to make a baby, but a man to raise one. This is a sweet salute to the men out there whom we can thank today, for all the gentlemen the world may one day meet, tomorrow. 

Watch her live set of the song recorded at House of Blues-Houston: