Monday, October 15, 2018

In Retrospect: A Soul Session Sunday Post on a Monday Just Because

As an avid sports fan, I apologize for the lack of quality that my Soul Session Sunday post should have contained. Nonetheless, if you're the type to say that I was distracted, well - you're right and I apologize.

If you're the type to say, yep, well her hometown team (Houston Astros) was in the playoffs and her mind was in the right place, but her heart was in another, well - then you're right as well, and I appreciate your understanding.

 That being said, I think that puts to mind the idea of truth and two sides to a story.

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Because something is blue, like the sky, and accepting that statement as fact - is, well, right. No one in their right mind can contest that. But to say that the sky is blue because it was lacking in gray clouds, well, there's truth to that as well. I find myself attracted to the truth, maybe because I work in a field that seeks the truth, seeks fact, in order to tell a story. I also find myself attracted to truth because in the most sincere kind of way, I have trouble lying and putting on my poker face. That's not to say I don't share a white lie here or there - I am human. But honesty tends to move things quicker in the direction that it's supposed to. Even if the direction has a lot of scars, one must move in that honest direction. See lies take a lot of time and energy. When one decides to lie - he/she accepts the masks that come with it and that, my friends, is a lot of time an energy held captive.

My point is that I have found myself in a juxtaposition lately - wherein I'm caught up in between the truth someone else processed about me and then the truth that I have about myself. I don't find the other person to be wrong, but then I don't also find myself to be wrong. It's weird. This current mental exercise or so I want to call it, has me in a bind that makes me think - whether truth is truth, it won't change, but maybe what's the bigger picture here is, do I need to be right? I know the answer is - no, absolutely not. Have you ever struggled between such two thoughts? I would love to know how you handled it and what your thoughts were.

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I leave with a quote, per usual:

"This is one of the many ways that we feel loved by the quality of people He blesses us to do life with"

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