Monday, April 16, 2018

An Ode to Self-Love: Four Key Takeaways on Maintaining Your Awesomeness

By Christina Torres
Guest Blogger

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks out so I thought what better way than to kick off the spring, or the anticipation of actual spring weather, than with an ode and self-love guide to all the moms and women out there. 

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As a mother, daughter, sister, young professional, and now author it is hard to believe that women could possibly ever be seen as less than extraordinary. It is when I embarked on my own journey through motherhood that I truly found my superpowers. What’s funny to me now is how much I tried to avoid the ‘domesticated’ status quo fate of motherhood but, oh, how I couldn’t have been more wrong. Women, most importantly, mothers are the foundation of civilization as we know it. 
Women are caregivers, mediators, innovators, peacekeepers, hell-raisers, educators, and all around super human beings with an ability to glue it all together. Whether it’s actually gluing toys together or the loose ends of a fast approaching project deadline, women are consistently bringing more to the table than they are getting. So as all of us women embark on a weekend, next month, of showing love to one another and ourselves here are few tips for sustaining your awesomeness year round. Celebrating womanhood and motherhood deserves more than a just weekend of massages and boozy brunches. It deserves our full attention every day!
So here are my, Christina Torres, author of ‘Flipping Awesome’, tips for sustaining your awesome: 
1) Drop the ball - in the infamous words of Tiffany Dufu, for God’s sake, ‘Drop the Ball’ -- dig deep and list the three things you must do to feel awesome and delegate the rest. You are not your perfectly folded laundry! This means really digging deep and finding the feels and philosophies you will not falter or diverge from. These are your tried and true must-haves to living a fulfilled and abundant life. If it doesn’t serve you, your aspirations, or philosophy…delegate it or get rid of the task altogether. Get really good at asking for help. You are not a robot!
2) Invest in yourself - We give so much of ourselves to others and that's fantastic -- but what have you done for you lately? Take the classes, read the books, hire the coach, attend the seminar, fund your amazing idea. No one is going to do it for you. So get to it!
3) Ohm it! - No, it's not a typo. Be sure to take time to connect with the world around you. Meditation is more than just quieting the mind. Learn how to file your thoughts, focus, and align your body & mind. A mind /body calibration if you will. Can’t sit still for five or even ten minutes? Go for a walk, outside. Walks do wonders for your mind and thoughts. 
4) Love your self - Remember to take the time to love yourself. Pamper yourself. Shower yourself with words of encouragement. Create and recite uplifting mantras. Eat well, work out, and get plenty of rest. You can't possibly love others if you are struggling to love yourself. Believe me, this is easier said than done. It took almost took me a whole year before I realized I hadn’t had a manicure or pedicure. Shoot, I never even set foot into a spa until a year after my son was born. Ugh, and there is nothing like learning something new or meeting new people on the journey to enlightenment and self-love so do it often. Get out there and love yo’ self!
Here’s to us women taking on the world and giving it and ourselves all we got! I leave you with these final words: “We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free.” – Kavita Ramdas

Torres is the author of “Flipping Awesome: The Art & Science of Perseverance, Self-Love and Getting Your S#!% Together” available on Amazon Kindle here: Flipping Awesome
She is a Brooklyn native, blogger, traveler, HR professional and superhero mom to one kickass toddler. When she’s not traveling, working or writing, you can find her playing make-believe and finger painting with her son, volunteering, cooking up ideas, dancing, laughing hysterically and entertaining her close friends and family in her hometown of New York City.
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