Sunday, November 18, 2018

Soul Session Sundays: There’s No Place Like Home

By Missy E.

Like Dorothy’s infamous phrase she coined when she clicked her red, sparkly heels three times and repeated “there’s no place like home” on The Wizard of Oz, for the sake of the gist of this blog post, Dorothy got it right.

Except I’m here to tell you that we have got to dig a little bit deeper than that.

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On what might come across as morbid or too philosophical, the fact of the matter is that yes, one day our days will have been numbered and we would not win this game called life. In the sense that we’re not unlimited beings, but instead we’re limited to time and space. We don’t have an infinite life span, just ask those tombstones in your local cemetery.

That being said, this Soul Session Sunday post that you came across today was a gentle reminder for you to take a deep breath, stop what you’re doing right now, and just mentally take a break to simply think about the bigger picture: life.

Above distractions, cumbersome tasks, push notifications, keeping up with the joneses and the trepidations of relationships - have the last two thoughts on your mind become your cornerstone, a slight obsession in this snippet of your life? We’re all prone to this virus - heck, we’re all human. But the point is to find the strength within each and every one of ourselves to draw back from our miniature screens (unless you’re reading this, but afterwards you can depart 😝) and our current obsessions to grasp this concept: in the end will it really, truly matter?

Was attending that concert or not attending that concert the end-all, be-all of our lives? Was missing or watching the entire new Netflix series the end-all, be-all of our lives? Let me help you because the answer is no. That is not to say these things are in of itself not good, because there is snippets of good within such life experiences. But this is a good reminder to take inventory of our current obsessions and see where the misguided or misdirected desires are coming from and from there, if seeking extra help from say, a professional, or a pastor, would help guide you in a direction that could give you a peace of mind.

I was inspired by one of my favorite pastors in Washington D.C. and his message from this past Sunday’s homily. So I wanted to share that message with you, my friends. We’re twiddling our lives via or thumbs away most days. I saw this excellent meme from a friend that showcased people in what looked like -30 degrees in a stadium dedicated to watching the game. That type of loyalty is admirable and any sports team would be honored to have that kind of fan. But how much good food for our souls are we also ingesting? Are we holding onto God’s Word and His unshakeable truth as the pillars of lives - which could simply mean we make time to pray, take time to meditate or incorporate a compass of holiness into our ever-so busy lives? I promise you it is like a spoonful of a medicine that this world cannot offer and yet so many spend their days constantly seeking and coming up short. We are meant for more. Why? Because we were created out of love. Everything else will come up as void, trust me.

My hope for us is that on this Soul Sunday we remember there is no place like home and if we can somehow keep our eyes and hearts focused on heaven every chance we can, we won’t have to click our shoes and wish for what was already for us since the beginning - a home filled with unlimited love from our Father.


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