Friday, September 15, 2023

M Report Music Mashups: Victoria Monét delivers smooth, 2000s nostalgia, honors femininity on Jaguar II


What the R&B game has been missing is a 360 entertainer who gives listeners not only great vocals, but also a great performance.

Wow, does Monét easily succeed there and then some. She has craft-fully mastered the lessons of heavy hitters who came before her with each performance giving a double take with the likes of Ciara and Aaliyah.

Multi-talented, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and producer, Victoria Monét winds up summer playlists even more with the official follow up music video to her latest smash single, "On My Mama."

I was scrolling through music videos that Apple categorized under "New R&B." So why did the "B" stand for boring? No offense because it could be the label doesn't have the budget or something else behind the scenes we aren't aware of. 

Thank goodness, Monét comes to save the day. Her years of experience in the background working for other artists like Ariana Grande, has only strengthened what she brings to the table. She is an artist, a storyteller and a really electrifying entertainer. 

The 2000s-nostalgic video "On My Mama" overflows with southern flare while being accented with ground-scraping lowriders, signature Y2K street style, cameos from Black fraternities and sororities and HBCU culture, various dance numbers from renowned choreographer, Sean Bankhead and special cameos from Monét’s own mama and intuitively talented 2-year-old daughter, Hazel Monét. 

The “On My Mama” visual reminds of a significant era in the early 2000s when underground southern music began to take over national airwaves and catch the eye of people across the globe. 


“‘On My Mama' is the soundtrack to positive affirmations," Monét said. I wrote it postpartum when I wasn’t feeling my best, but spoke to how I wanted to feel. Singing the lyrics about yourself will change your frequency, and elevate a positive mental state. 

The words speak not only to physical features, but to a feeling too because I believe when you feel good you look even better! Give yourself the words you need to hear because it’s true, you look good! There’s no one like you and that’s on ya mama. Enjoy being yourself witcha fine ass!" 


The new track is the latest addition to her catalog of 2023 summer anthem contenders and is the third and final single that led to the long awaited release of her debut album, JAGUAR II on August 25th.


Her new songs mark the beginning of a new era for Victoria Monét, kicking off with her debut sold out North American headlining tour - The JAGUAR Tour - in September.

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