Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kobe Bryant's Documentary 'Muse' Premieres Tonight 9/8 CST

When Michael Jordan was asked by well-esteemed sports writer Wright Thompson which players could be "nearly as successful" in the era when he played, Jordan had four answers: Lebron, Kobe, Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki.

While the debate for the greatest of all time can go on for ages, it's evident that the talent Kobe has showcased since stepping on the national stage 18 years ago is undeniable.

Let's face it: Kobe is not getting any younger.
Even with all the injuries he's endured in the past couple of seasons, when he does get the chance to get back in the game, he seems to step on the court with the same mindset of that young, championship-hungry Philadelphia boy.

Even if you're not a Kobe fan(atic), a true fan of the game can admit that it will be one tough pill to swallow when Kobe does decide to take his final walk out of Staples Center.

I know one thing. It won't be his final appearance. Kobe's thrilling jump shot tactics or his California-sized ego will live on through the next generation of players.

Check out my video below and see how I tried to be a Lakers reporter during the start of the season.

Kobe Bryant's Documentary 'Muse' Debuts Tonight 9/8 CST! from Melissa Missy Enaje on Vimeo.

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