Saturday, August 5, 2017

Introducing M Report Contributor: Iris Lacsamana


The M Report has added a wonderful new voice to the conversation!

As an aspiring artist, she'll be sharing her insight, videos and talents. Get to know the M Report's latest contributor, Iris Lacsamana, after the jump.

Click "Read More" for the interview, including Iris's video cover of SZA's 'Love Galore'

M: Where are you from?
I: Houston, Texas Baby! Born and raised in the South West! But I went to high school and college in Montrose, which is the coolest part of Houston in my opinion :D

M: What inspires you?
I: God’s Love. Women! My church and the friends I have found there. My friends. My Nana. Mary. Audrey Hepburn. Colors. Truth. R&B Music with really good beats. Vintage Style from the 50s 60s 70s and 20s. Movies that are philosophical. Creating. Pinterest. YouTubers. Writers. Philosophers. Photographers. Millenials. Daenarys Targarian, Breaker of Chains. St. Maria Faustina. JPII. Mother Teresa. The Saints in general. My mom. Laying in the grass. Dance videos. Food. (lol) and Laughter!

M: What are your hobbies?
I: I LOVE to Dance! I am pursuing an acting career so acting / theatre is turning into my career rather than a hobby at the moment, but it has been a hobby most of my life. I also love to sing and work on developing my voice strength and abilities. I sing in the choir at my church. I love creating clever videos and picture captions to post on the internet. And journaling is the core of my inner life.

M: One thing we should know about you?
I: I like to be loud. Very loud.

M: What can we expect from you and your projects?
I: You can expect my honest attempt at being myself in the truest ways possible. I create content solely for the purpose of arriving at the person whom God calls me to be. My writing and my videos are therefore in a direction that seeks to understand God’s will for my life and for all of humanity but in a way that is applicable to our world and our time in 2017 onward. I try to create in the moment; I often create my content whenever I am directly inspired by something such as the Women’s March or Love and Responsibility by JPII. Whenever I find something that inspires me, I usually attempt to create a work right away whether that be a video, a journal entry, or a post on social media that allows me to share that inspiration with anyone who is willing to seek it from me and accept it.

M: How can we connect with you on social media?
I: The best way to follow me on Social Media is Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube if you want to really get a feel for how I flow because I spend most of my time on those platforms. Like my page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter as well because I occasionally pop up on those too. :)

Instagram: @irislacsamana
Snapchat: @irislacsamana (IrisFlowerFairyPrincess)
Pinterest: Iris Lacsamana
YouTube: Iris Lacsamana
Facebook: Iris Lacsamana
Twitter: @IrisMLacsamana

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