Monday, December 7, 2020

#MommyMondays: How I'm Managing the Holidays As My Baby Starts to Eat With Us

 By Jo Anne

With the holidays coming up, all I can think about is spending time with family, friends, and food!

Bj Sippy Cup
Bj enjoys his sippy cup with his dad.
BJ has now reached the age where eating has become his favorite hobby, second to dancing, that is. But now that he’s at the dinner table with us, we have come across many trials and errors on utensils, cups, and more.

BJ began eating solids at about four months and since then, we have gone through multiple cups, spoons and bibs, you name it. 

Papi and I finally learned what the best items are for us AND Baby BJ. When registering for baby feeding products, I didn’t do enough research nor was I given advice on which ones I should keep and/or return. 

So for my first time and fellow mommas, here are some recommendations for when your little one is ready to start feasting with the family. 

Ready to Eat!

Most mommas don’t think to register for these items because they’re mostly concerned about the newborn stage, but trust me, it was convenient to have these items in house instead of having to order it online or run to the store when we needed it immediately.


One of the most important items I find necessary when baby starts eating solid are bibs. After BJ slowed down on drooling, I thought the bib stage was over ... well momma thought wrong. Silicone bibs (with a food catcher pocket) have been a life saver. If you think your infant is messy, wait until they want to feed themselves. It also keeps their food from getting all in the high chair.


The next item you obviously need are spoons. One of my favorite brands is Munchkin! I registered for some of their spoons that were quite fancy but I do not recommend. The spoons that I do recommend are the Munchkin White Hot Infant Safety Spoons – these also have the White Hot Safety feature but the dip in the spoon is deeper and easier to feed your little one.

After BJ turned one, we then purchased the Munchkin 6 Piece Fork and Spoon Set since he now wants to feed himself without our help – and so far, they’ve been great.


To keep BJ from knocking over his bowls or plates with his fork and spoon, we use Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowls. We also use their Toddler Plates and Bowls, however, one look away and the plate will be turned over on top of his head. While the Toddler Plates and Bowls are convenient to separate protein, vegetables, and fruit, we prefer the suction bowls.

Sippy Cups

The item that BJ uses the most are his sippy cups. We have tried at least four to five different kinds and were even advised to use a miracle 360 cup. Those were not our favorite as BJ would have to lift the cup up with the little strength he had just to get a sip. 

We did get a recommendation to have him try a sippy cup with a weighted straw and even though it took him a while to get used to, it’s the most suitable. He can drink it at any angle without having to lift the cup all the way up.

I hope this blog saves some coins and trips to the store for all you mommas and daddies! Stay safe and sane during this holiday season! 

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