Sunday, May 1, 2022

Sunday Soul Session: Joy As Our Sacrifice

By Missy E.

Snoh Aalegra performs in Houston. Photo: Robyn Tuazon

Hello to my fellow M Report readers! What's up ya'll! Too many days have passed since I shared on this blog more of my posts. I've admittedly spent more time posting content to the social media platforms all while neglecting the foundation of this platform - THE M REPORT WEBSITE and newsletter. 

Well, while excuses are my challenge, I must also admit, that wedding planning has been in full swing, if not even more so now, as crunch time continues to approach. I can't believe it but truly - time flies! 

Back to the message: Joy as our sacrifice. 

"I shall offer within the Lord's tent, a sacrifice of joy. I will sing and make music for the Lord" Psalm 27:6 

Weew, chile, when that message hit, it was without a doubt something I contemplated on for a hot second. 

Joy as a sacrifice. Not equating it with happiness, which is temporary, but joy, this internal peace amidst the circumstance, especially when suffering or hard times coincide - how does one find joy? I think peace can only come from God, from listening to our internal instinct, which I know comes different based upon a person. I have found that when we stop what we're doing and literally stop distractions, we let external noise out and let internal messages become louder. 

Life is full of distractions that can take our peace and scrolling through social media feeds that literally feed us this idea of "comparison" which is the thief of joy - then it's hard to know when to listen. Once we get there, it's interesting to think of it *as a gift* as something we are giving, as something we must attain in order to give. That to me says - what is stopping you from your joy? What are you not surrendering? What if God isn't asking you to keep fighting but to totally surrender, trust in Him and have faith? If we're stopping ourselves from joy, then we're stopping ourselves from our gift. 

Let's not aim for depleted happiness in things of this world, but a joy knowing we are loved, protected, worthy and enough and that we walk through everyday with a simple purpose: to accept the Love from Our Father. It is the calm breeze on a cloud day, the shade on a scorching hot day, the rainbow on a rainy day, it is water to our parched soul.

We are meant to "sing and make music" for the greatness of God, which coexists when we are living in our potential and in the quest for the best version of ourselves. That doesn't mean perfection, but our "best" varies day to day and on our circumstances. If today, all you can give, is love for your child, and picking up the toys for the 500th time that day, that's love, that's greatness. If today, your best means picking up the phone and telling a friend that you're not okay, and to pray for him/her, that's love, that's greatness. Whatever it is, your joy, our joy, is a gift, and it's destined for us because we give what we get - we gain more by giving it away.

Have an amazing Sunday!



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