Thursday, November 24, 2011

Visual Appetite: Jesse Boykins III

This is why I do it.

Candid moments when an artist allows us to dive into the essence of their affair with music. But the point that seals the deal is when actual substance and talent coincide with their overall presentation.

Coming from a perspective as one who enjoys creating poetry, and more importantly the message behind it, I understand the vitality of the "craft." Words not to be spoken just because they can, but rather because there is meaning. I suppose it's a mutual understanding as artists. Which is why respect is given when due.

Meet, or for followers of his beginnings since '08, be reintroduced to Jesse Boykins III.

We could sit here and discuss his accolades and his Soul Train Music Award Nomination, but that's another post. *crossing fingers*

I recommend taking a look see at this 3 piece film Reebok covered that highlights the process behind this indie soul artist and his craft. (Didn't even know Reebok jumped on the music train like that) but hey, sure glad they did. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part Deux

Part 3

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