Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Meaning of Veterans Day in 2015

Fun times on my brother's Navy ship!
Like many who have family members or friends who served our country, Veterans Day is a time to reflect on the impact of their service.

My great-grand uncle, whom we called 'Lolopop,' (which is a take on the Filipino word for grandfather, 'Lolo') served in WWII.

While I was too young to remember his stories, what I do remember is when anyone was suffering from a back pain or strain, they would go to Lolopop and he would give this intense massage that was feared by many.

That's because he served in the medical division and it all made sense as I got older. Boy do I remember how painful those massages were, but how healing they were as well.

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Lolopop passed away many years ago, but his memory still lives on. And it's days like these that remind me of his legacy.

But for many Veterans who served our country in the past, they're suffering from a lack of support in their own home country. Yes, the same country that they put their life on the line for.

Take a look at this link:

Veterans were not getting the medical attention in a timely manner. The CBS article says the number of claims in the disability backlog has dropped, which means more and more are being seen.

So for me, Veterans Day 2015 means more than a 'thank you' for your service, but ensuring the veterans who can't take care of themselves anymore will not go ignored.

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