Friday, September 9, 2016

New Music Fri-yays: Meet TIDES

 "In an alternate universe where Phil Collins has a soulful voice, chooses to use a TR-808 and performs with a key synth, the result would no doubt resemble TIDES' latest track, "Take My Hand." - NEST HQ

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"Lyrically, this song is about the desire to not be overlooked/rather to be noticed by someone you're attracted to. I think it’s a feeling that a lot of us have experienced at least once in our lives. be it a guy, or girl. Where you try to put your best foot forward hoping they'll notice you in the midst of many." - TIDES

TIDES is Innocent and Dan. Hailing from Zimbabwe and South Korea respectively, the two met at the highly selective Grammy camp in 2009. The pair discovered immediately bonded over a shared multi-instrumental approach to production. After parting ways, they continued down separate paths, settling in NYC and LA respectively. The cross-country barrier didn’t stop them from working together over the years while they pursued their own musical endeavors

Innocent and Dan quickly dove into their classic R&B roots, developing a throwback tone with a modern Indie Pop twist. Innocent’s native Shona tongue also makes subtle appearances throughout their tracks. With past and present influences ranging from D’Angelo and Anderson Paak, to smooth operators Pharrell and John Mayer, TIDES genre-blending abilities are bound to attract listeners from across the spectrum.



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