Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Struggle Is Real: Why Marriages Are Hard But Why Society Depends On Them

By Missy Enaje

"When a husband and wife struggle to live up to their marriage vows, they do more for world peace than a dozen Nobel Prize winners. They do more for the economy than any gathering of the titans of industry. They do more for society than any programs the federal government will ever offer." - Cardinal Wuerl of Washington D.C. 

We live in a throwaway culture. You don't want something? It's replaceable by a click of a button. You want to try something new? It's accessible by the swipe on a screen. Unfortunately, the idea of marriage is also getting the same treatment. 

As more women are seeking to advance their educational opportunities, their careers and independence, the rush for marriage vows is seeing a shift. But that doesn't mean Rome is falling, it just means a sociological shift is occurring and adaptation is necessary. 

The foundation of society is built upon the family hierarchy. A man and a woman enjoin as husband and wife and create a family. Think about it, your entire ancestry solely exists because two people decided to shack up and procreate. Life wasn't easy back then and surely the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree.

While I am not married yet, I am an advocate for marriage. Why? Because I believe society depends on the most essential foundation: love and nurturing found between a mother and a father.

I am a product of such a belief. 

In my years of serving broken families within the societal strains like economic hardships, poverty and a lack of educational opportunities, it all continues to 'click.'

These organizations seek to offer an ounce of what a family provides: support, motivation, nurturing and stability. Countless organizations work to fill the gap of a stable home.

That's why I am on #TeamMarriage.

"Husbands and wives must, every day, call upon the grace of the sacrament, never letting their love grow old or cold, even though many decades may have passed since their honeymoon." - Cardinal Wuerl of Washington, D.C.
Love isn't a fairy tale. It requires effort, discipline and sacrifice. With much grace, love in its true essence and capacity can conquer the struggle. Hard work always wins, love is worth it.

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