Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Meet and Greet: Designer Penny Wang of PYW Goods

For Women's History Month, we're highlighting visionaries who aren't afraid to step out of the box and pave a way for their passions to come to life. 

First up is Penny Wang of the Bangkok based brand, PYW Goods. 

Penny Wang 
M:  Tell us about your products and the vision behind them.

PW: Designing bags is a hobby I picked up not too long after I started working here in Bangkok, Thailand. I appreciate fashion and I want to create something special - simple, stylish, unique handbags that are not overpriced - bags deisgned by a woman for women. Each piece is unique. The material, texture and hardwares are all carefully chosen and put together. I hope my future customers can see my designs as statements, ways of expressing themselves. 

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M:  How did PYW Goods come to life?

PW: Everyone around me encouraged me at some point to start my own brand. And I have been trying to come up with a concept. I want something that celebrates individualism and women. I want it to be bold and stylish. Each piece I'm creating now all carry a pair of zipper tags that has some little words to provoke, inspire, or turn heads. 

"I want something that celebrates individualism and women"  - PYW Goods

M: Tell us about your creative process. 

PW: I focus a lot on details. When I have an idea of a bag, it's usually just a very vague idea and most of the time it's just a shape. When I develop prototypes, that's when the real creative process begins. I have to think about the materials - how to layer them to retain the shape and how to cut and stitch everything together for the bags to look stylish and clean. The process is user-focused. Bit by bit, a more detailed plan forms. I try to communicate why I make certain decisions to my craftsmen so that they can understand where I'm coming from and not alter my ideas when they assemble everything. 


M: As a young entrepreneur, what is your definition of success?
PW: I wouldn't call myself an entrepreneur, yet. It's really just a hobby project. And I'm happy with whatever it might turn into. Success to me means that my bags can bring people joy (even a tiny bit of excitement is more than enough for me). I'm very easily satisfied because this project has already been so much more than I expected. 

M: What words of advice would you give to other creatives, particularly women?
PW: Don't be scared. Don't censor yourself. Express yourself. When you put your experience and characters into your creative work, it really shows in the final product. And that's what makes it so unique. That's what makes you unique. I want to encourage all women in creative roles (and those who want to be creatives) to try and test and never give up. 

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