Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sunday Soul Session: Paving Forward Properly

(Photo: Missy Enaje)
By Missy E.
There seems to be this huge disconnect as we rush forward with individualism and personal achievements. Like the awards, diplomas and certificates on the wall are what we've been missing this whole time. That's not to say personal achievements shouldn't be celebrated, in which case, they absolutely should because symbolic to that paper are hours of blood sweat and tears drenched in determination. 
But what about character? No longer as adults do we come home with 'kindness, gentleness and humility' awards - and neither should we (mothers are exemptions, they're superhuman). Because a means to an end signifies duty instead of free-will. If I do something nice, in return, I'll get something back. Instead, if I freely choose to love, it signifies something deeper.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I was contemplating forgiveness and the freedom of a whole heart. Because when our hearts are tied to anything but love, it's not fully free. 
So as I was flipping through photos, memories of places and people stirred as examples. Not that I received an answer about my questioning, but it was just this really human feeling about being small. Not young, but putting into perspective about being one small part of a bigger picture. In this case, it was family. Something about that sentiment seemed to remind myself that with the example of family, the idea of love wasn't spoken, it just... was. 
Somehow in my mind I had to remember that for many years, I was just small - taken care of, fed, nurtured, driven to places when I couldn't drive, paid for things when I had no money. That kind of memory paved the backdrop to why my 'life/career' moments and struggles made sense. 
And after observing our people back in the Philippines, family values are essentially the nucleus of everything else. 
While I’m an advocate for traveling and the benefits it does for one’s growth, might I suggest a trip ‘home’ for anyone and everyone who needs some kind of reminder.

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