Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sunday Soul Session: Desires

I have been hearing and reading the words that follow along the lines of  “God honors our desires.”  Divine intervention would have it, but even my mom has been recycling that phrase recently. Yet one thing that keeps popping up in my heart the more I read it or contemplate those words - is that goodness, gracious it’s true.

When we think about those words “God honors our desires” - it sounds so lofty, doesn’t it? It sounds like there’s this high and mighty person in a cloud just zapping desires into fruition like a genie in the sky. But goodness gracious, is that anywhere further from the truth.

My experience with those words is quiet and humbling. That’s because, just like the Scripture that talks about how God speaks not through some tumultuous roar or some flashy headline, it’s that, in my experience, God speaks through the quiet of our heart.

I can think of all those painful, intimate conversations I’ve had in my relationship with the Man upstairs. Because that’s our relationship sometimes - where I’m questioning or shouting or offering my woes, concerns and dreams. And yet, like a best friend, He keeps those conversations somewhere in his universe and when the time comes for Him to answer me... it humbly presents itself.

I think to myself - ‘oh my goodness, gracious. No one on this entire planet knows that this type of situation is bothering me or that I have been praying for however long’ and then like a loving Father, a forgiving friend, a noble warrior, He speaks.

That’s not to say that God is that genie, but I think like young David was it? When the Lord asked him what he wanted, David didn’t want riches or lofty things, he wanted wisdom so that he can lead his people. So for me, that means, God truly honors our desires.

When that moment or when those moments happen to you - I promise you, you will be humbled and full of joy. It may not always be tied to happiness, please understand that. I think if anything, it lets us all know, we are not alone. Ever. Even in the darkest of moments, the daunting worries, we are met by someone who just... knows.

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