Monday, May 18, 2020

#MommyMondays: Sunshine and Sunscreen

By Jo Anne
Jo Anne
Summer is quickly approaching and some of us mommies (and daddies) are wondering if we’ll be swimming in public pools at this point. But one thing we shouldn’t be concerned about is if our little one’s skin is protected in this summer heat, especially for those who live anywhere in Texas. Well I’d like to introduce my favorite summer skincare products, Tubby Todd’s PLAY Mineral Sunscreen and Sunstick!
I was hesitant about applying additional chemicals to BJ’s skin due to the amount of steroids I’ve had to use on his neck rash. The PLAY sunscreen, however, uses mineral ingredients instead of chemical active ingredients that are used in most of the other children’s sunscreens. Because of this, I didn’t think twice about purchasing the sunscreen before our trip to Miami in March (before strict social distancing went into effect in Texas).

Dermatologists recommend an SPF of at least 30 and the Tubby Todd’s sunscreen and sunstick have an SPF of 50 and 30, respectively. The directions say to apply every hour and twenty minutes if sweating or wet and at least every two hours. Of course, like with any other sunscreen, we apply it at least 15 minutes before sun exposure and make sure to reapply every hour or so. For me, I’d rather be safe than sorry. If BJ is anything like his Papi, he will look like a cherry within minutes!
I also love their Sunstick because of how convenient it is for facial application. I may not always need to apply the sunscreen lotion if BJ is wearing a long sleeve shirt and/or pants. This is a light item we are keeping in BJ’s diaper bag for the remainder of the summer, which lasts until about October in Houston. I would recommend this item for those who have toddlers. If you have a stubborn little one who refuses to allow you to put any sort of product on their skin, you can hand over this stick and give them a fun task to draw it on themselves and rub it in!
Before heading to the pool, Jo Anne makes sure BJ has an adamant amount of sunscreen to protect his skin.
BJ checking out his new Tubby Todd's PLAY Mineral Sunscreen  and Sunstick! 

You can purchase these products separately or save a couple bucks if you buy both or two Sunsticks! If you would like more information on these products, check out this link:
Also, for my dear #MommyMondays readers, if you are interested in purchasing Tubby Todd products and would like a 10% discount, DM me on Instagram @joannecastillo! 😉

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