Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arts, Beats + Lyrics with Gentleman Jack Tour Stop

Event Recap
This is a national event that tours different metropolitan cities to expose its self-proclaimed title, arts, beats and lyrics. Different artists from various cities provide the arts, but the beats and the lyrics are mostly local talent.

The night was all about hip-hop.The heart beat, the boom boom bap, the emcees and breakers alike.

May I present to you Gentleman Jack's Art Beats + Lyrics event.

DJ Flash Gordon Sparks from H.I.S.D on the ones and twos
H.I.S.D hit the stage

What's unique about this piece is that, if you zoom into her right hand's forefingers as well as her left hand's middle and index finger, it spells out "hear me."
"Youth" says his grill

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