Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Limited's Red Carpet Event

Houston, TX- The M Report enjoyed a night out on the town with The Limited for their Red Carpet Event to check out what's in store for their next collection.

Participating store locations invited guests to a private party where they were able to pair their favorite styles from the latest collection with specific events catering to the professional woman. Guests chose pieces from what they would wear for a job interview, to girl's night out, and even date night. The Limited's personal style curators made sure the evening was as successful as it was fun with contests, giveaways and chances to rock the runway.

The M Report got the latest scoop from Lace, a coordinator for one of the event's locations.

M: Tell us more about tonight.

L: Our Red Carpet Event was wonderful with all the clients we had. It wasn't as crazy as we expected it to be with the weather I think had something to do with it. A lot of our clients were very excited with our rsvp we were having. It was all about bringing new clients in to see our new collection we just put out with the well-suited collection we just brought out, mixing our patterns, a little bit of an edge for what we should expect for the spring.

M: Particularly just spring?

L: Not just spring, we have some pieces with spring, along with a mixture of prints- polka dot, lace, stripe. Stripe and polka dot has been what we're really about this season so far. And so we just got a lot of new items pertaining with our greens, navy and a little pop of orange and chambray.

M: What is your ideal spring outfit?

L: To be honest with you, I'm a big skirt gal. I would have to say either lace skirt or even our polka-dot mini stripe skirt would be awesome and cute as well. That's one of my picks, like I said, a skirt with either stripe or polka dots.

M: How about the shoes?

L: I would definitely do a wedge or a pump. Unfortunately at work, you're always constantly on the go, so flats are the way to go. You could always look cute in a cute little flat.

M: For the professional woman on the go, what would you say about her style?

L: With The Limited, we're all about "her" personal success, so I always believe about making it about yourself is what's going to make "the outfit." So you can always do a professional look, whether you're doing your slacks, your pant and a nice blazer, along with a pop of color that goes within our season- either green or a hint of our engine red- something like that, with a little bit of pastel blue, that's also popular with our season. So I would say that you can do a nice collection for a professional woman because that's what The Limited is all about- her professional success.

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