Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday M.O.

Your energy is sacred, that's already a given. Sometimes on the journey of life, you run into people who have this special energy; this intense shine that can light up a dark and gloomy room.

I would like to believe that type of energy is valuable and a key component to success. Key example: Robert Alexander. Chances are you may not know who he is. The opportunities presented to him mixed with his personal je ne sais quoi created a formula that is nothing short of the 'wow factor.'

The March 23 'Monday M.O.' is something he wrote a long time ago. Enjoy.

Remember the following, ok:

You have a lovely outlook on love, followed by a lovely smile to get you through it, friends who care for you, the intelligence to get it all done, a heart that gives you the drive to do it all, and a finish that you've created that, though you can't always see it, is definitely there. If you couldn't handle the day, you wouldn't wake up in the morning and if you couldn't handle tasks, you wouldn't have the ability to try. 
You're the best; that's why you're going to be okay.
Sometimes good people are too busy helping others, they forget how good they are in the first place.

- Robert Alexander

(Thanks Robbie).

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