Thursday, March 5, 2015

Salute to Complex's Latest Video

If I was asked about who were my Top 5 artists like on Chris Rock's 'Top Five' film, Eminem would not be on there.

But to say that Eminem and the Slim Shady/Dr. Dre movement didn't play a huge part to the early 2000 music scene would be hypocrisy. When the show MTV TRL (Total Request Live for all the non-80's babies) ruled the afternoons after school, TRL gauged what song was the most popular based on fans requesting that the music video play on the countdown. That's correct, music videos were the highlight of new music back in the day! ( Oh, great I used the term 'back in the day').

Eminem constantly took the top spot on the countdown. This was during the time when Britney Spears and 'Nsync ruled radio airplay. For an underground hip-hop artist from Detroit to rise to the notorious level in mainstream music that he did, it's understandable for him to be in other music connoisseurs Top Five.

So without further ado, I'd like to share Complex Music's latest video on Marshall Mathers and thank the brains behind the video for reminding me just why he was so successful (or correction: is successful. You be the judge).

Disclaimer: Explicit Language but be prepared to Laugh

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