Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What is the trending topic #ShutDownA14?

Kaylah Norris says she's she's tired of young black men being killed
Photo: Missy Enaje

"I am educated, yet I am still scared to walk the streets of Chicago, because there are some people out there who cannot respect my color"- DePaul University student Kaylah Norris

Hear the audio for the story, taken from my interviews here on Rivet Radio; click below:
Rivet Radio: Protest at Daley Plaza 

Chicago - More than 100 demonstrators gathered downtown to march against police brutality. Similar protests took place across the nation, from San Francisco and Seattle, to New York City's Brooklyn Bridge where demonstrators marched along the city's bridge with activist Cornel West.

Reports from Chicago station WGN-TV and the organization behind the local protest, Stop Mass Incarceration, said two arrests were made in Chicago - allegedly two high school female students.

But what is #ShutDownA14 about?

Stop Mass Incarceration Chicago said even after demonstrations from last summer and fall, the message is about the police 'still brutalizing and murdering Black and Latino people.'

The organization is calling upon students to adopt their message and spread awareness on social media.

What are your thoughts on #hashtag activism in today's society? Share your comments below and see more pictures from Tuesday's demonstration.

Crowds gathered outside Daley Plaza to begin the march
Photo: Missy Enaje

After a day of school, young demonstrators blew whistles and marched with signs along the plaza
Photo: Missy Enaje

Shouts of 'No Justice, No Peace' broke out of Daley Plaza at 3:50 p.m. Tuesday
Photo: Missy Enaje

Chicago Police Department follow demonstrators going north through Dearborn
Photo: Missy Enaje

Police and protestors intersect on State Street peacefully, until a short outbreak occurred later in the rally
Photo: Missy Enaje

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