Wednesday, July 13, 2016

ART/FASHION INSPO: Syomirizwa Gupta x Frida Kahlo

How do you conquer whatever obstacle lies ahead of you?

At the M Report, we're inspired by the beauty transfixed through art and culture.

Malaysian fashion designer Syomirizwa Gupta hits the idea right on the nail with his 2016 collection. 

The Frida Kahlo look gives us chills. That's because the color pallets used in his collection are as sweet as lemonade on a hot summer day. Gupta's pieces are his way of revitalizing the traditional Malaysian costumes with an upbeat, modern feel.

It has inspired us to create the slogan as fierce as Frida herself, 'How Great is Thy Slay.'

Dare to dream boldly and courgeously. Take risks. Keep going for what is good.

Be sure to check out more looks from Gupta's collection as well as pieces Missy decided to rock for . Click 'Read More' Below!

Turquoise and mustard yellow for the beautiful win

Mexican flavors all the way through with hues of deep red and forest green

Palm cascade necklace in gold by Jenny Bird. The horizontal bar ring also in gold by Ava Max NYC

Be sure to head over to and pick some beautiful pieces if you're inspired! Use the code 'melissamissyexoxo' for a free month!

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