Monday, July 18, 2016

POETRY: 'You Fill My Heart'

Tenderness I cannot find.
Warm hands I cannot seek.
Despair. Despair.
A whirlwind of days breezing my mind.
Where are you?
Simple reminders and wishes from above.
Ancestry angelic ancestry.
Hear my prayers.
Guiding me to You.
So long so far gone.
Except now I return to You.
My Guide, my Counselor, Consoler.
Spirit so Holy speaks to Me.
Washes my weakness.
Covers my pain.
Heals the hate.
Takes not my hand but my heart.
Fills the drops of day.
Night no longer dark.
Just illumined by stars.
My God loves.
Hears how those heavenly angels sing.
My bloodline.
Thank you for finding me.

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