Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Affirmation: Authenticity

How do we share the most authentic versions of ourselves?

That's a great question!

Let's start with one idea, written by @melissamissye:

"Getting off the grid and unplugging does wonders and is highly undervalued"

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The digital revolution has created a screen time phenomena where people are stuck to a digital device for longer periods of time, separate from time spent on a computer screen at work.

According to a Harvard study, women are the main users of Facebook and Instagram, while more than half of the men surveyed prefer videos on platforms like YouTube. This study does not include the amount of people who spend time on other streaming video sites such as Hulu, Netflix or Apple TV.

As a social media consultant, I understand the gift and the curse of technology. But I suggest giving yourself a weekend without access to any digital outlets. If that might be extreme, try a minimum of 3 hours.

Go outside and experience time not being 'plugged in.' You might even realize how many people actually spend a quality amount of time finding virtual reality animals, better known as Pokemon, on their phone because of the new Pokemon Go trend. You might get a chuckle or two.

The point is that the time you spend apart from your smartphone or tablet could hint certain personal areas you might have been avoiding unintentionally.

For someone who tries to energize the creative side of her membrane, I get my most creative spurts when I'm tuned 'out' of the world, so to speak, and tuned 'in' to my own self. It's the best self-retreat.

A goal of mine this summer was to flip through magazines at a book store and get inspired. It worked.

Finding the most authentic versions of ourselves is a process and a journey. The best part is that you get what you give.

What simple self-goals do you have this summer? Better yet, what simple self-serving goals do you have this week?

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